Thursday, 10 November 2011

Prelim Task Evaluation.

In terms of team-work, I found the task relatively easy as we all contributed to the task without any problems/conflict. The roles in my group were as follows: myself created the storyboard, did a large amount of editing and contributed to the filming. Teni mostly filmed and contributed to sound, Michela came up with the plot and helped with editing and the script. Stevie's role consisted of editing and sound and the script. We all took into account each other's ideas and gave each other equal roles and we encouraged eachother to take part in every method we used (filming, editing, sound..)
I shot the ending of the prelim (plot; Becky leaves Ryan) - below are the shots that I filmed -

We met the brief by using the 180 degree rule effectively and successfully, as shown;
We also explored various other shots, including point-of-view, extreme-close-up's and mid-shots.

For our Prelim Task, we decided to narrate the typical moment, when someone (in our case, Ryan, the boyfriend) finds out that his girlfriend has cheated.
As you can see from our footage; shot-reverse-shot and over-the-shoulder shot were used and proved to be useful in that they displayed both the characters positions and emotions (body language etc.)
We decided, whilst editing, to demonstrate this situation in a comical way, instead of being serious - this is to create a light atmosphere and to allow the audience to view the situation in an entirely different way. This was generated by a cheesy romantic backing-track being played at every oppertunity ('Lets Get It On' Marvin Gaye) - this was closely followed by the clip of a record being suddenly stopped; to heighten and enhance the awkward moments in the conversation.
We also used a diversity of editing techniques, including headings, sound effects, ASD and liighting adjustments.


As a group, we faced a series of problems, such as who would act in our production, what location we'd choose and (the most challenging) what roles would be taken by who in our group.
Nevertheless, we equally split the roles of filming, directing and editing between us - so that we could all expand our knowledge and experience.


Something that we did well, was that we were co-operative with eachother and we took eachothers opinions and suggestions into account.
Moreover, somethign we could improve on, would definitely be preperation - and we'll be sure to take this into account in future tasks.

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