Thursday, 23 February 2012

Who would be the target audience for your media production ?

Demographics  - Megan, Female, 18 years old.
Occupation; schooling/student/part-time job.
Interests; magazines such as 'Heat', tabloid newspapers such as 'The Sun'. Listens to radio stations such as 'KISS 100' and 'Capital FM' and also music channels such as 'MTV' and 'VIVA' (etc..) Enjoys romantic films or novels, and comedy or mystery films; generated by her interest in romance and supernatural explanations (such as horoscopes and star signs).
Hobbies; include socialising via internet/technology (blackberry, social networking sites; facebook, twitter..) and traveling around (via public transport - Oyster card). Megan enjoys shopping with friends for clothes and shoes and is up to date with the latest highstreet fashion. She finds herself challenged for spare times as she's busy studying her a-levels and working a part time job in a restaurant - but in her free time, she enjoys going to the cinema with friends, or staying in and watching a 'feel good' film on her own.

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