Monday, 12 March 2012

How does your media product represent particular social groups ?

We presented different social groups through the way they are dressed, the way they act and in what light they are presented (dialogue/plot)
The two main characters (Lucy and Ryan) and the mugger (Luke) are all in the same age category, yet they each represent different social groups. For example, Lucy demonstrates the average female of 18, working at sixthform, with a possible part-time job to keep her up - a young adult with a bright future. This is shown when she first appears, as its suggested that she's just woken up and she's heading out somewhere (work/sixthform) which ensures us that she's an independant woman with potential. Also, when drops her ID card (for sixthform) which suggests her identity on society, and her contrasting costume with the rest of the characters presented.
Ryan, however is presented in a dull light as he is seen in the same position the whole way through the introduction (until the mugging sne) - this can be a visual metaphor for the fact that he is iscolated and trapped in the clutches of society. Ryan represents the 'less fortunate' perhaps because of a bad event in his life, or that he individually is a failure and is homeless purely because he didnt try hard enough. In society today, young adults are getting fired from work, or dropping out of sixthform/college, or are moving out at alarming ages - and therefore a group of typical 'under-achievers' are formed.
Luke represents the gangster group in society where gang crimes are generated mainly, and this is demonstrated by him attemtping to steal Lucy's handbag. His clothing of a puffy coat, and scarf hiding his face will no doubt bamilar to the audience as its a common sight in society today (particularly Dagenham, where the production was filed)

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