Monday, 12 March 2012

What kind of Media Institution might distribute your media product and why ?

Production Company;

A production company is in charge of producing media products, including films. Our production company is called 'MRSA' and we are in charge of everything from pre-producion to post-production.

Examples of production companies:

Film Distributer; 

Buys the rights of the production and generates the marketing for the media, for example - the film distributer (Touchstone Pictures) may buy the rights of a production from a production company (Twentieth Century Fox) to then sell to cinema's to view, or to a radio station to broadcast trailers/reviews/soundtracks. The film distributer aims to make enough money to profit both their company and the production company - to give them a strong reputation.
An unofficial distributer that would benefit these companies would be networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook, because they spread the word about these productions at a fast rate and freely.

Examples of film distributers:

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