Thursday, 29 December 2011

End Of Term Summary (individual).

Personally, I feel as though our group has progressed in terms of work and quality - because our failures have helped ensure that we wouldnt make the same mistake.
However, over the term, it's quite clear that our team are lacking in communication and general understanding, which leads to confusion and more problems - and this, I'm determined to change next term; because as a group, its crucial that we understand eachother and are discussing things to their full potential.

I feel that this term I have coped with the on-going stress of work and deadlines awfully, and it's reflected in my work. My time-management and organisation is poor, and needs a lot of work in order to keep up with everyone else, and to bring the quality of my work up to more than a satisfactory level. For example, using different materials when I update my blog, instead of just writing it all up - this will expand both my experience of using the blog, and will demonstrate the diversity of ways that I can communicate my idea's/progress.

Next term, as a member of my group, I will encourage more fluent discussions and will try and set a boundary for everyone to be reminded of what is to be done, and to spread the work evenly so no individual person has more than anyone else.
Also, as an individual, I'll try and manage my time more proffessionally and organise my blog to an understandable quality.

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