Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Questionnaire Feedback.

After viewing our questionnaire, as a group, we sat down and discussed exactly what we would do to follow what the audience wanted.
This included the fact that many of the audience members who enjoyed Rom-Coms and visited cinema regularly were female. However, we didn't let this information limit our audience gender; as we intended to influence mainly females, and partly males. Therefore, more feminine features, such as feminine-styled scenes would appeal to them; such as more feminine songs/feminine ideas. We decided that we would include pop music whenever we could, to get a positive/negative/comical mood (depending on what has happened in the sequence) and also to interest the audience, as 14 out of the 15 that liked our genre, also liked pop music.

In terms of advertising - according to the result of the questionnaire; people found billboards, TV advertisements and cinema trailers most affective. This was useful information, and will, no doubt be helpful in the future - but for now, because we don't have that power/authority to advertise to that standard/size - simple posters/trailers and reviews will be our advertising techniques.

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