Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Questionnaire Results.


GenderAgeVisit to the cinema EthnicityMost liked genre Why they like this genre Best music genreAdvertisement Occupation 
Female15 Regularly Black British Bridget Jones diary/rom comBecause its really funnyPop Billboards/ TV adverts School 
Female15 Regularly White Bridget Jones diary /rom comIt was really entertainingPop Cinema adverts/billboards/ transport billboards School
Female15 Often White British Cat woman/actionIt made me feel like I was cat woman Rnb Billboards/ TV advertsSchool 
Male 15 Regularly White british Bridget Jones diary /rom comIt was hilarious PopBillboards/ TV advertsSchool
Male 15 Regularly Black british Mission impossible/ actionReally suprisingGrime Cinema adverts/billboards/ transport billboards School
Female16 Often White british Big momma house/ comedy It is just so funny Pop Cinema adverts/billboards/ transport billboards/ tv adverts School
Female16 Regularly Black british Bridget Jones diary /rom comThey are funny Pop Cinema adverts/billboards/ transport billboards/ tv advertsSchool 
Female16SometimesBlack british Big momma house/ comedy They are really funnyJazz/classicalCinema adverts/billboards/ transport billboards/ tv advertsSchool 
Male 16 Regularly White british Bridget Jones diary /rom comThey just make me laugh so much PopBillboards/ TV advertsSchool/work
Male 16Often White british Mission impossible/ actionThey are really entertainingRnb Billboards/ TV advertsSchool 
Female17 Regularly White british Big momma house/ comedySo funny Pop Cinema adverts/billboards/ transport billboards/ tv adverts

Female17 Regularly Black british Bridget Jones diary /rom comReally funny Pop Cinema adverts/billboards/ transport billboards/ tv advertsSchool/work
Male17 Regularly White british Mission impossible/ actionThey have a lot of actions Rnb Cinema adverts/billboards/ transport billboards/ tv advertsSchool work
Male17 Often Black british Bridget Jones diary /rom comThey are unrealistic Pop Billboards/ TV advertsSchool/work
Male 17Regularly White british Harry brown/thriller Thrilling Grime Billboards/ TV advertsSchool
Male 17 Often Black british Big momma house/ comedyFunny Rnb Billboards/ TV advertsSchool/work
Female18Often White british Bridget Jones diary /rom comIts really entertainingpopBillboards/ TV advertsSchool/work
Female18RegularlyBlack britishBridget Jones diary /rom comIts so funnyPop Billboards/ TV advertsSchool 
Female18OftenWhite Big momma house/ rom com Its just something that lets you forget bout serious thingsPop transport billboards/ tv advertsSchool/ work 
female 18Regularly Black british Mission impossible/ action See as potential role model Grime Internet teasers/billboards School 
female18Regularly White british The 40 year old virgin/ rom com Its really funny Pop Newspaper television/ advertisement School 
female 18Regularly Other The 40 year old virgin/ rom com Its really entertainingIndie Television advertisement/ billboards/ transport adverts School 
male18Often White british Me myself and irene/comedyIts so funnyPop Television advertisement/transport advert School 
Male18Regularly Black british The 40 year old virgin/ rom com Its really entertaining and funny Pop television advertisement/ billboards/ transport adverts School 
Male 18Regularly White british Me myself and irene/comedyI like to laugh Pop Cinema adverts/television advert/School/work
Male 18oftenWhite british The 40 year old virgin/ rom com This movie has a lot of funny elements Rnb television advertisement/ billboards/ transport adverts School 
Female19Often Black The 40 year old virgin/ rom com Its funny Pop Cinema advert School 
Female20Often White british The 40 year old virgin/ rom com They are really funnyPop television advertisement/ billboards/ transport adverts school/work
Female20Regularly Black british Mission impossible/ action Really intense Rnb Television adverts/ cinema advets Work 

Our questionnaire proved highly useful in that we've learnt a lot about our audience.

We've found out that;
. 19 people of the 29 (15 - 20year olds) go to cinema regularly.
. Of the 19 people that go to cinema regularly, 14 of them are female.
. 15 out of 29 people would enjoy watching our Rom-Com sequence.
. People mostly enjoy Rom-Coms because they're a great blend of two genres, it makes them laugh, it makes them feel good about themselves and it's enjoyable to watch.
. 14 of the 15 people that enjoy Rom-Com, also enjoyed pop music.
. The most useful advertisement strategies were TV adverts, cinema trailers and billboards.

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