Thursday, 29 December 2011

Treatment Pitch - Thriller feedback.

After our treatment pitch, it was clear that we wasn't ready to move forward in our project, and this was for multiple reasons. Firstly, we didn't plan our treatment pitch very well - resulting in contradicting features, secondly, we lacked enough research of the genre, and therefore knew a limited amount about what to do and how to stick to the conventions. Thirdly, our idea seemed more like a horror, as we'd simply assumed that the conventions were similar, and lastly, our idea was too stereotypical and was something that everyone would expect - this would make our idea seem ammiture.
So, our group was facing two options; either we stock up on research and strengthen/change our idea, or we change our genre completely and start from scratch.
Finally, after our group sat down and discussed what the best possible option was, and at last we decided to start fresh and chose a new genre to work on. One, this time, that we were more familiar and comfortable to work with.
We then appointed each person in our group to a certain genre (not including thriller or horror) and set the task of researching the given genre, to then present to the group.
The genre I was appointed to was romantic comedy (rom-com) and I'll research it, with a few idea's of my own to then present to the rest of my group.
After each of us have presented our genre, as a group - we'll decide which one was best, and we'll expand on it.
Our treatment pitch was definitely beneficial to our group, as everything that we didn't do for our Thriller research, we'll be sure to include and expand on our new chosen genre.

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