Monday, 30 January 2012

Experimenting with editing.

So today we wernt able to film, because our actress Lucy was unable to attend filming and the group itself was missing crucial equiptment that we needed whilst filming, one of these was the storyboard. Even though this was published on everyone's blogs; we needed the copy itself to take with us when filming, as computers were unavailable throughout filming.

In our screenplay, when Lucy checks her email, the camera will show her computer screen alerting her that she has '1 new message!'
Here we have created the screenshot that the audience will see, assuming that it was her own computer screen they were looking at :

Here, Teni was experimenting with screen credits and how our film title will appear, what it will look like and its general connotations.
'Lost & Found' :

We did this today simply to fill up time and get to grips with our editing techniques, despite this - our main focus is filming, and in order to obtain the extended deadline, we must stick to a strict schedule.

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