Monday, 23 January 2012

First Day Filming, Update no.1

- Lack of organisation - actor/actress wasnt prepared.
                                  - original props were forgotten.
                                  - members of the group showed up late to filming.

- Lack of understanding - the group itself wasnt crystal clear on the idea/script/camera angles/general aim.
                                     - the actress misinterpreted her role/character.
                                     - how the tripod was to be correctly used.
                                     - how camera could be used to its full potential.

- Lack of communication - storyboard was not used as a guide for camera angles/shots/movement/dialogue.
                                       - idea's were made up in the heat of the moment, no discussion; plot wasnt clear.
                                       - random selection of roles; in the group.

- Organisation - have a set time for all members of the group to turn up, and (if necessary) have their immediate contact information available to reach them.
- frequently be in communication with actor/actress, keep all group members informed of updates/changes to the schedule.
- props are to be brought to attention to everyone, they are to be brought to lesson a few days in advance to filming, so that they are accessable at all times.
- having a set time-table of events, this includes times of filming, what we're filming, props used, characters involved and the estimated time that we should be finished.
- Understanding - before filming, and (prefferably) on a regular basis of filming, resort to the storyboard and plan, discuss any other possible options and film both - so that when we're editing, we can sort out the good footage from the bad and have a variety of options to chose from.
- sit down with the actor/actress and brief them on our plot, our representations, costume, script, screenplay and all the basic, so that they can fuly grasp their roles. Also have sessions briefly before filming with the actor/actress to be pristine on whats expected.
- each individual group member must master the methods of using equiptment correctly and effectively.
- each individual group member must adapt all roles to the best of their ability - filming, sound, editing, scripting.
- Communication - have the storyboard present throught all the filming and refer to it when experimenting with angles/movements and shots. - stick to the initial plan, any other ideas/suggestions are to be taken onboard and filmed also, then, when editing, we can differ the useful footage.
- select roles equally in the group and make sure that each person gets to experience all methods of filming, planning and editing.

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