Saturday, 14 January 2012

Our Opening Sequence Re-write.

The screan shows 'new message'.
Lucy walks in from other room, can only see her feet.
She clicks 'open' and zooms in on her horoscope.
Blurs out the rest of the writing except 'you'll meet you prince charming today'
shows the back of the screen, and then her face comes up, smiling.
*music plays*
split screen.
Homeless man is shown on the right-hand side.
She begins getting ready, as he just sits there watching people go past.
HER; 1. dances out of the room.
         2. throws clothes/shoever the bed.
         3. does her make-up in the mirror.
         4. sings in the mirror with hair brush.
HIM; 1. watches people go past.
         2. mimes thanking a stranger for change.
         3. wrapps his sleeping back around him more.
         4. behind his head watching people.
she walks out the house, music died down - screen on left-hand side largens to fit whole screen.

Her feet walking down the street, tilts up at her whole body.
side of the homeless man looking in front, looking to the camera - double-take.
She looks up from her phone and spots him.
shot reverse shot of their eyes.
he looks down, she looks away.
behind his head - her walking past.
him looking at her and then down.
her walking down the street, mugger seen behind walking after her.
tilits toward him counting to three and then grabbing her bag.
close-up of the bag being pulled.
his panicked face as she doesnt let go.
girls face tugging at the bag.
the homeless man looks up at them and runs toward them.
just as the woman lets go, the homeless man grabs it.
the mugger looks at them both and lets go.
giving a yelp, he runs off almost tripping over.
homelessman hands the woman her handbag, tilts up at her.
she smiles.
he smiles back.
she thanks him and offers him money for his help but he refuses.
he walks back to his spot and sits down.
she starts walking aswell, pausing to look at him aagain -and then walks away.
A card drops from her bag onto the floor but she doesnt notice it.
the homeless man does and gets up to retrieve it.
he calls out to the woman but by the she was already gone.
the card is her oyster card, with her name and picture.
zooms in to the 'if missing please return to ____'.
he smiles.

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