Monday, 30 January 2012

Day 2. Improvements of filming.

Our improvements consisted of;
- using the correct equpitment correctly, constantly and to its full potential (tripod)
- sticking to the script/storyboard to avoid conflict within the group and misunderstanding, also this has helped manage our time.
- full communication with the actress; briefing our idea to her and explaining how the female character should act, speak and present herself throughout the opening sequence.

Here, we've pin-pointed a camera shot that we've improved on.
Lucy is applying her make-up in this scene, and clearly, she is not in the centre of the shot, the top of her head is cut off and the camera is tilted slightly - causing this shot to look ammiture and unproffessional.

Here, is our new shot of this scene. We can clearly see that improvements have been made, such as -
. we've highlighted the importance of her doing her make-up, but using an extreme close-up while she's applying her lipstick. - This is for multiple reasons, such as; the audience can infer that in the actresses mind, her concentration is purely on her lipstick - making the audience feel 'at one' with the actresses thoughts. Also, lips conote femininity and female dominance which is stereotypically made for the opposite sex's attention. This tells the audience a bit about the character herself and gives an insight on how women of that generation/class/status/maturity present themselves. Furthermore foreshadowing a result in romance, which is our aim in the opening sequence.
. we've used the tripod, which sets the camera at a flat, straight angle that looks proffessional.

This, like many other scenes in our filming, is evidence of improvement and that we (as individuals, and a group) are mastering the ways of proffessional filming. (camera angle/shot/movement/duration)

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